We Design packages to represent our Values

Here’s the best part of our impressive service.

Designed with love

We are a boutique of excitement hence we weave what you dream!
Offering you very first experience of ‘Sailing counseling’ to craft exclusive packages.

Logistics and Safety

Those very moments of expectations and surprises that we have designed for you is our responsibility to serve/delight you considering your safety.

Moment of Experiences

We are all ears to your requirements, you ask it & we keep no stones unturned to do it bringing kingdom of your dream where water & sky floats you through.

Lasting Memories

We promise to meet your expectations raising the bar higher with every feedbacks & suggestions received. Happy Guest is our modus operandi!


Leisure Sailing: 

Oyster Adventure sailing (1)


starting from Rs 5,500/-

Sail through the Gateway of India with your feet down in water,

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Luxury Cruising: 

Oyster Luxury Cruising (7)

Mumbai & Goa

starting from Rs 20,000/-

Whether you enjoy activity or tranquility, this luxury cruising

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Party Hard:

Oyster Party Hard


starting from Rs 20,000/-

You need no season or time to break free and pull your hair down

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Bring In Your Birthday:

Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo 21st Birthday Celebration Aboard The World Yacht - Arrivals

Mumbai, Goa & Mandwa

starting from Rs 8,000/-

Celebrate your birthday in the nautical tradition on a Yacht

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Candle Light Dinner: 

Oyster Sailing (candle light)(4)

Mumbai &  Goa

starting from Rs 17,000/-

Fill your evening with romance, take your love one on a romantic candle light dinner

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Sail Like Birds: 

Oyster Sail Like Birds (3)


starting from Rs 4,999/-

Create a panache of memories with your love one in galore to all the romanticism

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Go Cruising:

Oyster Sailing (Go Cruizing) (3)

Mumbai & Goa

starting from Rs 9,000/-

Whether you enjoy activity or tranquility, this cruising experience is going to be a totally

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Go Fishing: 

Oyster Sailing ( Go fishing) (4)

Mumbai & Goa

starting from Rs 1,999/-

Escape from work routine and city hassle into the peaceful wilderness of the best

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